Team teachers of Gospel Connection stood out, in 15

 years, for excellence and charisma of its artists.

Several were the leading figures of the international gospel world who have honored us with their presence.

An amazing team of teachers also accompany the XV edition of Gospel Connection. Six artists from explosive charisma and extraordinary talent together in a powerful combination: this amazing team will teach participants not only to 'sing' the gospel but to live it in its essence at all times of the day.

Each lesson turns into a party and sing the gospel will never be so exciting!

Rodney Hubbard

Man of music and faith
Rod is one of the most talented musicians on the international gospel scene: for Gospel Connection he is the essential element for the great success of the work. Rodney is a formidable pianist, composer, accompanist, arranger, music producer.
A real gift for the Italian gospel family.

Pastor Ron Ixaac Hubbard

Ron is the force of nature in person.
He is known as "Triple Man" which not only means he can sing, dance and act; but that, in his work, is guided and inspired by the strongest 'Trinity': the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Ron is adamant that there are many ways to spread the word of Jesus Christ: either through music productions, stage, or sermon.
Overall with a sincere and healthy humor: this is the way Ron works.
His personality is "overflowing", his humor is explosive and contagious: Ron drag everything and everyone in his feeling and, breaking down all barriers, he arrives directly to the heart of the people!

Minister Trini Massie

Powerful !!
So the many people who have had the opportunity to meet Trini describe his energy and explosive music talent.
Trini is an extraordinary composer, conductor, musician and preacher.
Eclectic and perfectionist artist, Trini charms people with his extraordinary smile and his unique style to bring the gospel.

Pastor Keith Moncrief

He is the 'heart' of Gospel Connection.
His lectures ('Being healed classes': the path of healing) are now famous in the Gospel Connection community: his words open our hearts, free our mind and heal our souls. 
Keith leads us like a shepherd, keeping us and leading us by the hand one by one, in a truly salvific journey to the revelation of the Good News. This takes place in the 'Spiritual Night' and during certain times of the morning: with valuable work and touching reading of biblical texts, and with community prayer just as he does in the Baptist Churches of America.

Timothy Reddick

The GC team has enriched from last year year
with a new amazing element.
Tim is not only a talented pianist, but also an exceptional dancer, composer and singer.
In addition to support Rod in accompanying lectures, Tim will follow the 'teen' group of Gospel Connection: all the younger guys that with him will learn the gospel repertoire in its latest trends and styles!



         sede legale:

          Milano, Via Inama 10 - 20131

          sede organizzativa:

          Perugia, Sda Chiarella 3 - 06132


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