Gospel Connection stood out in 18 editions for the excellence and charisma of the artists who honored us with their presence. The 2021 Team-teachers is made up of the best gospel teachers on the international music scene: an explosive and cohesive Team that will teach participants not only to 'sing' the gospel, but above all to 'live' it in its essence and in every moment of life. Each lesson turns into a party and singing gospel will never have been so exciting!


Pastor Ron Ixaac Hubbard

Ron is the force of nature made in person.
He is known throughout the world as the 'Triple Man' not only because he is able to sing, dance and act: but above all because, in his work, he is constantly guided by the triple Inspiration of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Ron is aware that there are many ways to spread the Word of Jesus: indifferently through musical productions, on stage, or with his sermons. And above all with a sincere and healthy good humor: this is the way Ron works. His personality is 'overwhelming', his charisma is explosive, his good humor is contagious: Ron catalyzes the attention and feelings of those around him and, by destroying every barrier, reaches everyone's heart!


Minister Trini Massie

This is how those who have had the opportunity to work with this extraordinary artist define him.
This is his energetic and explosive way of working!
Trini is a fantastic composer, conductor, musician and preacher.
'Beautiful', inside and out! An eclectic and perfectionist artist, Trini bewitches people with her warm smile and her unique and unmistakable style of performing gospel music.


Pastor Keith Moncrief

He is the beating heart and spiritual Father of Gospel Connection.
His lectures ('Being healed class': the path of healing) are famous in the international gospel community: his words open the heart, free the mind and heal the soul.
Pastor Keith guides us like a shepherd, accompanying us by the hand one by one, on a truly saving path towards the revelation of the Good News.
This happens on the evening of the second day, called 'Spiritual Night' and during the moments of spiritual awakening in the morning: through the reading and understanding of biblical texts and with community prayers as it happens in American Baptist churches.


Nikki Porter

One of the most amazinv voices of the international gospel!
Nikki Porter is the female spokesperson of the spiritual and emotional charge of our way of doing gospel.
Minister of Music at Presbyterian Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Nikki is a highly sensitive and talented teacher.
She combines technique and masterful interpretation with an in-depth knowledge of biblical texts.
Her classes are transformed into drops of wisdom and advice for all participants, filling everyone's heart with an inexhaustible feeling of serenity.


Michele Papadia

Deep connoisseur of African American music, in particular of all Black Music, Michele Papadia is among the most requested European pianists / hammondists in the USA, both live and in the studio, carrying out a musical philosophy that blends the various aspects of African American music with European and contemporary music.

Winner of scholarships at Siena Jazz, Umbria Jazz and Berklee College Of Music in Boston.

He has over 50 recordings to his credit as a sideman and 2 as a leader / composer.